When it comes to playing slot machines most online casinos give you two options:
you can chose to play with a free slot in Guest mode or you can play with real money in a Real player mode. In both cases you can play on the download or instant play versions of the online casino.

In the second option you have to download the software, register a real account and play with the money you have deposited in you casino account. The download casino provides you with access to a wider choice of slots and the overall quality of the games will definitely be superior.

Above you can see a screenshot of Hitman multi-lines video slot. As you see there are a lot of buttons, icon, symbol, pictures and numbers. Lets try to understand what they all mean. This will be a good example of how to play online slot games.


Spin : is the virtual counterpart of the old lever. Just click on this button to spin your reels.

Bet max : since betting the maximum is such an important and profitable choice, there is a button dedicated to this function.

Bet one : is not present in this picture, but in many online slots you’ll find this button. It can be used when you want to bet just one credit.

Coin : is to be use to increase or decrease the number of coins you want to bet. Click on + or – situated just below the button to make your choice.

+” and “-” : this two symbols are to be used when you want to increase or decrease the coin denomination you are willing to bet.

Lines : as you know most of the slot machine nowadays have more than one pay line. With this button you can choose how many pay line you want to bet on and make active. Click on + or -, in order to make you choice.

Auto-play : in case you know already how many times you want to spin the reels and you don’t feel like clicking the spin button every spins, you can use the auto-play. You’ll be presented with a choice decision options: how many spins will the slot run automatically (X5 or X10) and when the slot has to stop (if you win; if you win some free spins; if you hit the jackpot).

View payout : clicking on this button you will be able to access to another screen with the full description of all the payouts, the bonus games, and any other feature of the particular slot you are playing with.

History : on the bottom on the game screen you can access to your playing records, with dates, bet and outcomes.

In case your connection drops while you are playing. Connect again as soon as possible, and log in the casino. Go to history and check the results of your last spin.

If you win more than $10,000, that win will be checked by a live operator. Best of luck.