Just by taking a tour on some of the online casino websites will make you realize that there are many different slot machines, and this number is increasing all the time. Here is short slots guide.

Fruit Machines or European Slots
Usually the European Slot Machine comes with 3 or 6 reels. Due to the symbols depicted on the slot reels, these machines are also called fruit machines. Some of the features of the fruit machines cannot be found on other type of slot, especially the American slots, for example they have additional games that offer players more winning opportunities.

Australian Slot Machines – Pokies
These slot machines are very similar to 5 reels video slot but they come with a lot of other entertaining features like free spins. To understand the payout table you might need more time but it is not so difficult. One of the distinctive features of the Australian slots is the opportunity to play with multiple credits.

Japanese Slot Machines
Slot machines are pretty new to the Japanese market. May be this is the reason why the Japanese slot machines are easier to play if compared with the American slots. One big difference that can be of notice is that Japanese slots have a ”skill stop” and not an “auto-stop” like the common slots. In this case it is the player that decides when to stop the reels.

3 Reels Slot Machines
This is the most common and traditional version of slots that you can find in an online casino. Usually these slots have only one pay-line but nowadays slots with 5 pay-lines, 3 horizontal and 2 diagonals, can be found online as well. The symbols you can find on the reels are the cherry, bells, bars and the number 7.

5 Reels Video Slot Machines
The name says everything; these slots come with five reels and a lot of different pay-lines. The number of winning lines can go from 20, even up to 50!!! This slot can be played with different coin denominations and usually has a max bet per line. The max bet is the access key to bonus features, and top jackpots. Most video slots have special themes, like cartoons or adventures that enhance the gaming experience. Special features in these slots include free spins and bonus round games. Tomb Raider is probably the most popular video slot online.

Progressive Jackpot Slots
Progressive slots machine offer players unbelievable jackpots that are constantly growing to more than $1 millions. The functioning is simple, when a player makes a bet, a small percentage of that credit goes to a pool. The pool is constantly increasing until a lucky winner hits the right symbols combination. Many progressive slot machines are linked together which means that the jackpot is increasing at a vary fast pace. Mega Moolah is currently the biggest online casino jackpot.

Mega Spin Slots
The idea for this kind of slot came from observing land based casino slots players when they played on more than just one slot game at the same time. Microgaming decided to give the same opportunity to online players creating the Mega Spin slots. With these amazing slots you can play 4, 6 or nine slots at the same time, for more action and thrill.

Newly Released Slot Machine Games
Below are the latest slot machine releases available at leading Microgaming Viper Casinos: